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How do I use this guide?

Because this is a web-based guide, there are many different ways to use it. You can read it as a normal paper from beginning to end. Or you can jump around to find things that interest you. There are many tools to help you find what  you want. See the choices on the home page. The paper can be accessed in any of the following ways (click on any to go there):

Index of Questions:  The guide is built around a series of questions and answers. All the questions in the paper are listed in one place. You can read through them, click on the one you want to read, and go to a special page with a short answer, a full answer, and a listing of tools, tips and case studies. 

One question after the other: Start at any question and click "next," or "back" and you can read the answers to the questions in order for as many questions as you want.

Index of Topics: Topics are presented in two ways: by major section of the paper (e.g. Results-Based Accountability, Identifying Indicators etc.) and by an common index of words or concepts in alphabetical order. After each topic is a list of the numbered questions that address that topic.

Active Schematics: There are two pictures, one of the Results-Based Accountability thinking process, and one of the performance accountability thinking process. You can click on any part of these schematics and go to the first question that address that particular element of the process.

Index of Tools: This is a separate list of all the tools, forms and pictures referenced in the text so you can look at these without going through all the answers.

Search: You can search the entire paper using a key word or phrase.

Case Studies: This is a separate list of all case examples so you can look at these without going through all the answers.

Read the Complete Paper  in order just like a "regular paper" (And print it out if you like.) Start at the beginning. And when you get to the end, stop.

Advice from practitioners: Read advice on how to do this work from people who have actually done it, or are damn good at talking about it..

Resource list: Go directly to an inventory of written and organizational resources which might help. Many can be accessed on line directly from the guide.

If you can think of some other way you would like to use or access this guide, please contact us with your suggestions.


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