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Websites are dynamic and changing creatures. The printed version of the Guide represents content at a particular point in time. The complete guide can be read and printed from Adobe Acrobat.

1.  Contents, Credits and Questions and Answers  194 pages

The questions and answers section includes:

0.1 to 0.2:     Purpose of the Guide and How to use the guide
1.1 to 1.13:   Overarching questions about Results-Based Accountability
2.1 to 2.21:   Questions about Results-Based Accountability (for whole populations)
3.1 to 3.19:   Questions about performance accountability (programs, agencies and service systems)

2.  Case Studies – 40 pages

Eleven case studies present stories of how creative and energetic people actually used Results-Based Accountability to improve the lives of children, adults, families and communities. These stories come from Tillamook county Oregon, Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Irving Texas, Contra Costa county, Santa Cruz county, San Mateo County, and Los Angeles county, California. The last case study is a dialogue between two former state secretaries of human services Con Hogan (Vermont) and Gary Stangler (Missouri) about building leadership support. (Attachments to the case studies are not available in pdf format at this time.)

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