Much of the work on Results-Based Accountability boils down to what formats you use for your plans and budgets. This page pulls together a range of formats to consider:

1. Answer These Questions – Put It In This Format: Questions and Formats for Population Results-Based Accountability, Program, Agency and Service System Performance Accountability and Results Based Grantmaking – each reduced to one page.

2. Budget format with Volume I (population results) and Volume II (program/agency performance)

1a. San Mateo County Budget – selected pages

1b. Hennepin County Budget – selected pages

3. A Possible Action Plan Outline – developed from work with California’s Proposition 10

4. School Improvement Plan Formats – developed from work with State and Local Special Education Directors – includes overall plan structure, results by result (or goal by goal) format, and some examples of Special Education performance meausures.

5. Prototype Implementation Plan Format – a generic way to keep track of implementation commitments

6. Wyoming Strategic Planning formats – an excellent example of inter-related formats for both population and performance accountability

MarcResults-Based Accountability Sample Budget Plan Formats