Result: Long Term Family Self Sufficiency

Quarterly Progress Report
The Highest Level “Stockholder’s” View

Indicator baselines:
New data on the 4 or 5 most important curves we’re trying to turn (Plus attached progress on the Data Development Agenda).

Story behind the baselines:
New information on causes, from national or local sources.

New partners we’ve been able to bring to the table since the last report.

What works:
New information on what works to improve self sufficiency, from national or local sources. (Plus attached progress on the Research Agenda).

Action plan changes (if any):
Given the above, any changes we propose to make in the strategy, action plan and budget.

Progress against the plan:
Four kinds of progress, in addition to standard financial reporting.
(Note programs would report only on items 2 through 4):

1. Population Well-being: Turning the curve on an indicator: Actual movement for the better away from the baseline.For example: Last quarter there was an increase in the percentage of workers earning a living wage, reversing a 4 year trend of decline. For example: The rate of growth in the rate of teen pregnancy slowed from the previous 2 years.

2. Program/ service performance which contributes to turning the curve: Performance measures for providers which show that their clients have made progress. For example: Last quarter program X placed 75% of its clients in jobs (900 people in total) and 95% of these placements were at living wage rates.

3. Accomplishments: Positive activities, not included above. For example:. We opened a new neighborhood jobs center. Our family health program received a national award and positive recognition in the press. The RFP process is on schedule.

4. Anecdotes: Stories beneath the statistics which show how individuals are better off. Let me tell you about John and Mary Jones…

MarcProgress Report Sample – Results-Based Accountability