A Possible
Action Plan Outline

      A. What=s at stake?

         1. The importance of good results
2. The cost of bad results if we fail

    B. How are children prenatal to age 5 doing?

1. The conditions of well-being (results)
we want for this population (in plain language)

         2. How we recognize these conditions in
our day to day experience

         3. How we measure these conditions: indicators
of well-being

         4. Where we=ve been; where we=re headed:
indicator baselines and the story behind the baselines

      C. What works – What will it take to do better?

         1.  Partners who have a role to play

         2.  What=s worked in other places; What we
think will work here (best practices, best
hunches, and no-cost low-cost ideas)

         3.  How we will create a comprehensive,
integrated, consumer oriented, easily
accessible system of services

      D. What we and our partners propose to do!

          1. This year
2.  Next year
3.  3 to 10 years

MarcA Sample Results-Based Accountability Action Plan Outline