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Turning the curve on 16 to 18 Year Olds Not in Education, Employment or Training(NEET) in Newcastle, UK: Sara Morgan-Evans, Local Connections Manager in Newcastle, UK describes her team's multi-year success using Outcome Based Accountability, working with other partners, to produce a significant reduction in this important measure of youth disengagement.


Turning the curve on Positive Youth Shelter Discharges from the Spectrum Youth and Family Services Homeless Shelter in Burlington, Vermont: Trine Bech, authored this paper summarizing the exceptional work of the shelter staff and residents using Results-Based Accountability methods to turn a declining trend in rate of positive exits for young people from the shelter. A key to their success was involvement of the youth themselves.


Turning Curves, Achieving Results : Five Annie E. Casey Foundation Fellows (Craig Levine, Molly McGrath, Brenda Donald, Dennis Campa and Yolie Flores Aguilar) describe their successes using Results-Based Accountability to measurably improve the well-being of children and families in Essex County, NJ, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, San Antonio TX, and Los Angeles County, CA. Don't miss the inspiring introduction by Molly McGrath.

Baltimore Leadership in Action program turns the curve on children ready for school in Baltimore City


MADD turns the curve on alcohol related traffic deaths.


Santa Cruz County's united effort turns the curve on teen alcohol use: Together for Youth / Unidos Para Nuestros Jovenes.


Tillamook County turns the curve on the teen pregnancy rate.



Other Results-Based Accountability Success Stories

Contra Costa County

Children's Report Card tracks state, county and neighborhood trends for 23 Indicators under 5 Results.

Children and Family Services Budget relates county expenditures to community results.


Los Angeles County

Children’s Planning Council uses the power of outcomes and indicators from planning to budgets

County government organizes major planning efforts around County-Wide Results



Getting to Results, Building a Prototype for Results-Based Accountability in Maryland:
Excerpt from Maryland 2001 Kids Count Factbook, by Phil Lee, University of Maryland School of Public Affairs

Placer County

Commission for Children and Families uses "Request for Results" as alternative to "Request for Proposal


San Mateo County

Outcome-Based Management System Aligns Program Performance Measures, County Budget and Community Results.

Children's Summit Moves 350 Participants from Talk to Action.


Santa Cruz County

County-wide data book is a powerful tool for community change.


Missouri and Vermont

Building Senior Leadership Support for Results-Based Accountability
A Dialogue Between Gary Stangler and Cornelius Hogan

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