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Fiscal Studies Policy Institute

The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) was established in 1996 to assist communities, cities, counties, states and nations working to measurably improve the well-being of their citizens.  Since then FPSI has worked with state and local partners, from the public and private sectors, in over 40 states and countries around the world.


FPSI websites now receive over 800,000 hits per year. FPSI strives to do this work with a sense of commitment and also a sense of humor.


FPSI Partners:



Results Leadership Group

RLG provides outstanding Results Accountability training and implementation consultation for government and nonprofit agencies in the US and internationally. Contacts: Phil Lee and Adam Luecking

The Annie E. Casey Foundation:

The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) is a private, charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. The Kids Count Report, available on this site, is particularly helpful to those working on results accountability. The AECF website also provides information on the many other good works of the foundation, including their support for FPSI! 

Sherbrooke Consulting:

Sherbrooke Consulting (meaning Jolie and Bob Pillsbury) provides facilitation (the best in the world) and technical assistance to state and local partners working to improve results for children and families. As a partner with FPSI, Sherbrooke  worked to produce the Results Based Accountability Gathering in Scottsdale. The proceedings and other interesting stuff are available on their website.

Applied Survey Research

 is a non-profit research organization dedicated to helping people build better communities by providing valid, meaningful, and usable assessments and outcome evaluations necessary for effective community planning and programming. ASR is also the leader for RBA work in California, providing training, implementation assistance and convening of practitioners. Contact Susan Brutschy.

Social Solutions

A leader in the development of case management software for government and nonprofit organizations. Social Solutions software is fully compatible with Results Accountability.

The Center for the Study of Social Policy:

CSSP is a non-profit think tank located in Washington D.C. , with a long history of  writing about and helping others take action on child and family well-being. The CSSP website has many papers available on line, including FPSI's "From Outcomes to Budgets," the very first paper in the results-based budgeting series.

The Charter Oak Group:

The leading RBA consulting group in Connecticut, providing a full range of RBA 101 training and implementation coaching. Contact Bennett Pudlin.

The Forum for Youth Investment:

The Forum for Youth Investment (the Forum) is dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of youth investment and youth involvement by promoting a "big picture" approach to planning, research, advocacy and policy development among the broad range of organizations that help constituents and communities invest in children, youth and families. To do this, the Forum is committed to building connections, increasing capacity and tackling persistent challenges across the allied youth fields.

The Finance Project:

The Finance Project is an independent non-profit organization which supports a wide range of work to improve the delivery and financing of family and children's services. The Finance Project web site includes several FPSI papers, including A Strategy Map for Results-based Budgeting, A Guide to Developing and Using Performance Measures, and A Guide to Developing and Using Family and Children's Budgets.

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